About Us

The premise of Swabhimaan, as a CNES initiative, is based on exploring the intersectionality of gender across the discourse of development studies, social policy, and entrepreneurship. “Swabhimaan” in its literal translation means “self-respect”, a reflection of the individual’s journey to break free from personal and societal constraints to practice their own agency.

We engage with narratives of individuals who are bridging gaps in societal expectations of gendered identities, highlighting their value creation process, as an expression of their creativity, with an objective to highlight hitherto under-represented voices in the mainstream discourse. We are also attempting to draw attention to the lived realities of gendered communities, who work as a part of the unorganised or informal space. These have been excluded from media entrepreneurial reportage, making Swabhimaan a unique platform.

The team documents and archives these narratives in form of interviews, photo essays, podcast conversations – all published on our website. We also release an e-monthly magazine for each thematic edition identified under a volume.

The first volume covered the ground of creative expression in the fields of arts, crafts, and textiles. It has explored how gendered identities interact through art and entrepreneurial pursuits. The edition discussed several challenges that women face in this industry in their capacities as business owners, freelancing artists, and informal workers.

The second volume, on the other hand, has looked at broader issues such as menstruation and reproductive health. Through a counter–stereotypical understanding of such issues, the magazines take us through social organisations that work with communities in helping them combat the same.

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