Midnight Blue

Children of Sex Workers: The Tale of SocioEconomic Mobility

~Dikshi Arora

In this interview, we engage with the founder of Kranti, Ms. Trina Talukdar and Sandhya Nair, a student at Ashoka University and member of this organisation. Kranti believes that girls from the red-light areas have an added value as change agents, not despite their background, but because of it. Our conversation sheds light upon the opportunities provided to these children and the chances given to them to reach out for help and talk about their experiences.

Anti-Trafficking Bill

~ Tavleen Kaur

In this interview, we engaged with the founder of SANGRAM: Meena Seshu. We discussed about the flawed interpretation of exploitation being synonymous to Sex Work, and how we, on the outside feel the need to rescue the sex workers. We scrutinised the intricacies of the The Trafficking in Persons (Prevention, Care & Rehabilitation) Bill, (2021), the interventions of the organisation that attempt to address the challenges faced by the sex workers and the miscontrued approaches of rehabilitation.

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Beyond the Red

Myna Mahila Foundation

~ Tanya Rana

In this interview, we discussed several interventions of Myna Mahila Foundation that attempt to address the challenges posed by menstruation. This includes conversations on women’s livelihoods opportunities and the need for holistic and sustainable engagement of different stakeholders. For this, we interviewed Anjali Dave & Dr Shraddha Kapile from the organisation.

Project Baala

~ Dikshi Arora

In this interview, we discussed the importance of educating girls about menstruation facts, significance and proper menstrual hygiene practices. Project Baala eliminates the trade off between menstrual education & awareness and sustainable menstrual management solutions. For this, we interviewed Ms Soumya Dabriwal from the organisation.

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Meri Art Meri Pehchaan, Part 2

An interview with Patanjali Bhati

A Journey of Combining Colours, Brush
Strokes, Mindfulness and Serenity

Patanjali Bhati’s work is a result of a culmination of mindful strokes rendered in the present moment. An interest in Buddhist beliefs and theosophy has come to play a significant role in her art. In this interview, she touches upon the various challenges, inspirations, and comfort that comes with her art. We discuss the gender disparities in her field, and the hurdles to establishing a renowned position in the artistic realm as a woman.

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Made by Hand

In Conversation with Ms. Deepa Pathak, Chandi Maati

Ms. Deepa Pathak is an entrepreneur and owner of unique boutique brand “Chandi Maati” creating exquisite hand stitched and embroidered clothing for women, home décor and accessories, beautifully crafted by the women of rural Himalayan villages. In this interview, she speaks about her journey of establishing her business and the hurdles that come with it, which includes the stigma attached to women going out and working. She initiated conversations around how “Chandi Maati” facilitates skill development and employment for women.

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