Kahaniyaan is in the format of photo galleries or photo essays, and provides a visual context to Swabhimaan. Moving beyond the conventional representation of research, these photo essays bring life to narratives from the informal sector that are otherwise hidden behind statistics and figures. Kahaniyaan embodies the vision of equating the informal sector with the formal sector and in highlighting their role in impact creation. It is led by Mr. Jignesh Mistry, a photojournalist with CNES.


Umeed is the official podcast for Swabhimaan that converges the discussion towards stories of hope that have shown resilience towards discriminations and risen to successful and positive impact. The takeaways from these conversations help identify gaps in policy making and inclusivity that exist in different sectors and focus on tools that allow to tackle the same. The average length of the podcast ranges from 25 to 40 minutes and is freely available on Spotify.


Nazariya has been conceived to present a different perspective to the theme. Individuals who have themselves emerged from marginalised gendered communities or engage intensively with them are the voices that we highlight here. The main aim of Nazariya is to break down the misconceptions that an external eye believes in while interacting with such communities. This is in the form of a detailed written interview..


Samvaad as an initiative sprouted from the very idea of engaging in discussion and providing a platform not just to a wide range of scholars but also students and budding academicians in various fields of research. Under Swabhimaan, Samvaad visibilises individuals that have laid the foundations of their organisations or collectives. It focuses on the impact that their personal experiences have had on their respective enterprises and other factors that contribute to shaping the latter. The same is published on our YouTube channel.